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Why renovate with Anderson Windows and Doors

Unique Methods:
An extremely high level of customer service and responsiveness. A high level of workmanship and attention to detail on each and every job. In fact it is very likely that Brian or Dave will be doing most of the work and supervising your job directly.

Added Value:
It is this high level of direct customer contact that allows us to do the little things that other contractors don't or won't,

Paint the inside window jambs
Paint the casings
Reinstall the window dressings if possible.

No Surprises:
We believe in letting you know what to expect up front. Your project manager handles all aspects of your job and job sites are strictly supervised with professional qualified installers that won't embarrass you or your neighbours.

Low Overhead Equals Unbeatable Value:
At Andersons we don't have the overheads of a showroom, salesmen, and big advertising budgets. Instead we leverage the power of network marketing, the Internet and above all satisfied customers to drive our super efficient machine.

No pressure or obligation initial consultations.
We let you in on the schedule up front. With your detailed written quote your project manager will provide you with a standard job protocol and schedule sheet that tells you up front all the steps involved in your project no matter how big or small from start to finish. We take small projects just as seriously as large ones. Experience has shown us that doing one or two windows for a homeowner now will give them the confidence to use or refer our services to friends and family in the future.
The flexibility to excel on projects of all sizes. Our project managers can pool their resources to tackle large project like townhouse co-ops and resorts or revert back to their individual small contractor modes to provide attentive service on for that one window in your bathroom.

Green Policy:
Whenever practical we try to be as environmentally conscientious as possible. All old window and door frames along with any scrap metal are recycled. Cardboard packaging is recycled whenever possible. Our company vehicles are practical and fuel efficient. Our virtual showroom is online and is displayed by the work we have completed on our clients homes. Not only are these practices environmentally friendly, they create savings that we pass on to our clients.