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Code Green group

Anderson Windows and Doors was honoured to perform the southern Ontario window installations for the CBC energy conservation reality TV show Code Green Challenge. The objective of the show is to get the maximum increase in energy efficency while working within a specified budget. It was fun, educational and we saw some really nasty windows.

Chatham Code Green. Drafty, nonoperable steel frame basement window before. This type of window is common in houses built in the 50's Chatham Code Green Drafty basement window no longer Chatham Code Green, This old window has seen better days Chatham Code Green, That's better, good for another 40 years
Scarborough Code Green after Scarborough Code Green house, basement window before Scarborough Code Green basement window after, Clean and draft free

Cut Out Specialists

Window enlargements and cut outs are tricky jobs that require skill and experience. You can trust Anderson Windows and Doors to do the job right. Take a look at the job below. It was cold and raining and not the prettiest job to photograph but, it was done right and will last for many years. This particular job was cutting out poured concrete and installing an egress window and window well. The homeowners daughter was moving in to their basement and they wanted the piece of mind that comes with an alternative exit in case of fire.

Cut out specialists, Tiny basement window before Cut out specialists, Dave doing the cut. Looks like fun Dave Cut out specialists, Concrete removed Cut out specialists, Dave making hole for stove hood exhaust
Cut out specialists, Job almost done but the sun is going down so I'll take the picture now Cut out speciaists, a new poured concrete sil finishs off the job nicely Cut out specialists, It is critical that door or window openings made wider have proper structural support Cut out specialists, patio door cut out after

Pickering complete frame replacement windows

The exterior of the wood frames on this house were rotting from water and sun damage. The homeowner wisely chose to remove everything back to the brick and studs. The new windows are antique ivory with brass pencil grills in a “heritage” pattern. The interior casings were upgraded and painted with one coat of primer and two coats of semi gloss. We also reinstalled the window dressings.

Pickering complete frame replacement, walk in bay window Pickering complete frame replacement, basement window Pickering complete frame replacement, bay window at side of home up close Pickering complete frame replacement, fresh new curb appeal
Pickering complete frame replacement, inside trimed, painted and window dressing reinstalled

Cobourg complete house reno group

Red brick and white windows is a classic combination. These homeowners got their renovation done before they moved into their home. It's not always possible but if you can it is a good idea to schedule larger renovations during vacations or before you move in.

Cobourg complete house reno, the crew shows up Cobourg complete house reno, living room window before Cobourg complete house reno, New retrofit replacement casement window Cobourg complete house reno, neat, clean brick to brick basement window
Cobourg complete house reno, Fold down handles have a neat clean look and don't interfere with window dressings Cobourg complete house reno, Looks great and saves on heating too Cobourg complete house reno, New Thermal steel entrance door with aluminum cladded frame Cobourg complete house reno, The homeowner wanted to keep the mohaugany trim on these windows so retrofit replacement was the way to go

Markham house group

A new thermal entrance system is a great way to dramatically increase the curb appeal of your home. These homeowners chose a simple, elegant design.

Markham house, new retrofit stacked bay windows and steel entrance system Markham house, lower bay window close up Markham house, lower bay window sil detail Markham house, side door steel entrance system
Markham house, side door steel entrande system sil detail Markham steel entrance system with full glass

Oshawa house

This is a straight forward retrofit replacement installation with a twist.

The homeowner had a window in his garage that was visible as you approached the front door. He wanted to upgrade the window because of it's location but he didn't want to spend a lot of money on a window in an unheated area. So we left the existing window in and just covered the exterior in custom aluminum cladding. Window looks great, saves money.

Oshawa house, retrofit replacement two-lite casement before Oshawa house, Retrofit replacement two-lite casement after Oshawa house, Garage door frame before close up Oshawa house, garage door frame after close up
Oshawa house, Dave cladding the exterior of existing garage window. It matches your other new windows but costs less Oshawa house, Clad existing window after Oshawa house. this is not a new window, we just refaced the existing window with aluminum cladding and caulked for a weather tight seal Oshawa cabana before
Oshawa pool pump house before Oshawa cabana after Oshawa pool pump house after Oshawa house front door - after