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The Anderson brothers, Dave and Brian, started out in the window and door business in 1979. They learned the different facets of the business while working as sub-contractors for several of the leading companies at that time. During those years they developed a reputation as an extremely reliable and meticulous crew. In 1991 Dave and Brian took the knowledge they had gathered during their years of sub-contracting and started their own company. The business flourished and grew though referral and repeat clients with absolutely no advertising. Inevitably, the company ran into the growing pains that all growing companies experience. They knew the difficulties of larger contractors, lack of consistent installation quality, lack of personalized customer service and high overheads. Now they had to deal with the problem of small but growing company. How to deal with larger business volumes while maintaining high level of installation quality and hands on management of each individual project.

Now this is what makes Anderson Windows and Doors different. We have created a company with a unique management structure. A group of experienced project managers who handle all phases of your project from initial consultation, ordering of custom products, scheduling, installation, payment collection and follow up service. You will have direct access to the person who can make things happen and will never be frustrated by the barriers of automated answering systems that insulate the salespeople and managers that seemed so interested in your project only weeks ago. When you call Anderson's you will speak directly to a knowledgeable project manager who will help you through what should be but often isn't the enjoyable process of renovating your home.

We believe that the less hands the ball is passed through,
the less the chance it will be dropped